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Exchange feedback with peers
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Get feedback on the things you create.

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This is how to use SoTelling!

Display your work

Upload your work, describe it, and define your goals on your Show & Tell Page - free

Exchange peer feedback

See how your work flies, get ideas to improve it, and give back to others - free

Request professional feedback

Fast-track your progress; be personally guided by industry pros - at a low cost

Find your community
based on your interests.

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Improve your skills & build your career.

When your goal is to create, learn, and grow, running your stuff past a community of friendly peers and
industry professionals delivers the most unexpected and amazing results!

Challenge yourself
in your hobby.

To a hobbyist, feedback can be so telling. It’s the spur that may prompt the more vigorous pursuit of your craft… the one that leads to something more substantial!

Give back while you grow.

“Learning is a two-way process; You’ll more quickly develop your own talent when exchanging ideas and feedback with peers. This learning mode has significant outcomes.”

- Randi Berg, Senior Learning Educator